passiontide greetings

reflective writing on spirit & faith in aotearoa new zealand
celebrating spirit and faith
in postmodern, post-christian life
affirming inclusiveness & social justice, and living with faith not belief

liturgy for faith communities or personal reflection

created for southern hemisphere, south pacific & specifically kiwi celebrations and seasons—by Kapiti-based poet & liturgist

bronwyn angela white



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Passiontide - Lent, Easter - links below

  • We are the women in the graveyard

    We are the women in the graveyard, bringing embalming things—spices and oils, or brushes and secateurs to tidy the graves of others—while we wait... Patient for the grief to have its day, become familiar...

  • Palm Sunday Litany

    ...we come, with our tattered palm fronds and dusty feet, eyes stinging from the grit of the roads, and from weeping; our hikoi almost over -
    throats sore from shouting and cheering, muscles ache from waving our banners and palms,
    or from the unaccustomed donkey ride.
    Hosanna: mercy on us.
    Blessed are we who come in peace.

  • Resurrection - Way of Life

    Once more beside the empty tomb, in the garden where hope is blossoming and the tree of life bears fruits of healing; once more, when least expected, we find that we who expect so little are worth so very much.
    Resurrected again from fear to daring, from cynicism to engagement, from the dull safety of the past to the exhilaration of a bright future...