living with faith not belief

reflective writing on spirit & faith in aotearoa new zealand

celebrating spirit and faith in postmodern, post-christian life

affirming inclusiveness & social justice


liturgy for faith communities or personal reflection, created for southern hemisphere, south pacific & specifically kiwi celebrations and seasons — by Kapiti-based poet & liturgist bronwyn angela white


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 Resources by type:

 affirm & pray—affirmations of faith, confession & reconciliation, responsive prayers, special occasions

 gather & farewellcalls to worship, closing words, benediction & farewell; prayer and other responses

 reflections—(aka sermons) words for holy days and ordinary days

 hymn lyrics —contemporary, inclusive lyrics: St Andrew's Carol, Easter hymns, Matariki waiata…

 Resources for the calendar & liturgical years, including Season of Creation:


 advent, xmas, new year—prayers, reflections, affirmation of faith

 passiontideLent, Maundy Thursday, Easter, Pentecost

 matarikiprayers, reflections, blessings

  pentecost—spirited prayers

poems & storiesgeneral musings, spirited poetry, essay extracts

about you who delight me - poems of love, and words of spirit and faith

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