season's greetings

reflective writing on spirit & faith in aotearoa new zealand
celebrating spirit and faith

in postmodern, post-christian life
affirming inclusiveness & social justice
and living with faith not belief

liturgy for faith communities or personal reflection


created for southern hemisphere, south pacific & specifically kiwi celebrations and seasons—


by Kapiti-based poet & liturgist

bronwyn angela white



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  • But where are the others?

    Xmas Day Reflection 2014

    "While Mary and Joseph bump along the Bethlehem Road on donkey back, and settle into temporary accommodation in the downstairs room where the feed's stored and the domestic animals come for milking, do you ever wonder where Joseph's other children are? In all the dramatis personae of the nativity scene, with angels and shepherds and wise ones from afar, no-one mentions the half-brothers and sisters in Nazareth..."

  • Angel Messages

    Xmas Eve Reflection 2007

    "Even if you don't believe in angels, listen...

    Whatever form your angels take—an understanding friend, moments of indescribable transcendence, the lyrics of a popular song, spirit of nature and wilderness, your subconscious breaking through the usual thought-chatter—let your angel speak.
    What do you need to hear?"

  • Kissing the face of God

    Xmas Day Reflection 2010

    "And at its heart—the heart of this band of followers, the heart of the story, the heart of our deepest desire—is the gift that’s waiting for us every day:
    Demanding, hungry, restless, embodied love. Love that cries from its manger, that’s inextricably bound with justice..."