prayers of the people at pentecost

Masterton 2011 © bronwyn angela white

In this season of Pentecost in Aotearoa—

leaves flaming on autumn trees

drifting onto our heads

as we scuff across leaf-crunchy lawn

—may the dazzling fire and howling wind

warm but not burn us, heat but not scorch,

stir us not into whirlwind but purposeful action;


move us to compassion,
breathe new life into our lungs and hearts;

inspire us anew.


In this season of Pentecost in Aotearoa

may the wind and fire that inspired the apostles,

former doubters and promise-breakers,

glory-seekers, sleepers while on watch

to become truth speakers, healers and teachers,

world changers, spreading good news

empower us in service to others and

in the healing of our world.


May we speak in tongues that all understand:

loving action, warmth of friendship,

justice for all, and integrity:

Loving flame, Comforter, Spirit of truth.

Masterton 2011 © bronwyn angela white