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Progressive Christianity Aotearoa is a site for people exploring just living, spirituality and faith with 21st Century sensibilities, especially in a New Zealand context. It shares news, resources and conference details of the informal Progressive Christian network, and is linked with Progressive Christianity NZ on Facebook.

Also associated with and Common Dreams (an alliance of Australian and New Zealand kindred organisations which promote the study, discussion and implementation of Progressive Christian and other progressive religious streams of thought and action.)


Links to some progressive faith communities in New Zealand, local and international organisations and resources with shared values of justice and inclusivity:

AARC - Association of Reconciling Christians and Congregationsecumenical network of gay, lesbian, transgendered and bisexual Christians, their friends and supporters...

ARC worldThe Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) is a secular body that helps the major religions of the world to develop their own environmental programmes, based on their own core teachings, beliefs and practices.

Center for Progressive Christianity—promotes an understanding of Christian practice and teaching that leads to a greater concern for the way people treat each other than for the way people express their beliefs, the acceptance of all people, and a respect for other religious traditions.

Charter for Compassiona collaborative effort to build a peaceful and harmonious global community. Bringing together the voices of people from all religions, the Charter seeks to remind the world that while all faiths are not the same, they all share the core principle of compassion and the Golden Rule. The Charter will change the tenor of the conversation around religion.

Christians for Marriage Equality—Ecumenical campaign by people of faith to support Marriage Equality law in NZ.

Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented—“We are tired of the perception that all Christians are Republican, homophobic, anti-choice, arrogant about their faith. CToBM strives to create a place of love and belonging to those who have been hurt by the church. This page affirms, loves and reaches out to those who need support, encouragement, healing, and who need a voice.”

Common Dreams—an alliance of Australian and New Zealand kindred organisations which promote the study, discussion and implementation of Progressive Christian and other progressive religious streams of thought and action.

Community of St Luke, Auckland—Presbyterian church - identifies with the liberal progressive stream of Christianity

complementary writers & organisations

Ephesus Group, Wellington—exploring new ways of understanding Christian faith in the increasingly secular world. (A similar group meets on the Kapiti Coast.)

Kissing Fish- Christianity for people who don't like Christianity

Knox Church, Christchurch—Progressive, inclusive Presbyterian church.

Knox Church, Dunedin—Inclusive Presbyterian.

Peace Movement Aotearoa—national networking peace organisation. As well as networking activities, we provide resources, news and views for people who are interested in peace, social justice and human rights.

Process and FaithProcess theology sees the universe as creative, inter-relational, dynamic, and open to the future...

Progressive Christian group on Facebook - shares news and resources.

Progressive Christian Network of Victoria—interested in the significant movement in world Christianity away from belief-centeredness (sets of mind-prescriptions to be adhered to) towards a practised, transformative faith. provides resources, guiding ideas, and spiritual networking opportunities for progressive individuals, churches, and organizations.—Spiritual networking and resources for an evolving faith - international site

Rex A E Hunt - progressive 'grass roots' theologian/religious naturalist, liturgist, and social ecologist.

Sea of Faith New Zealand Network

Sea of Faith UK Network

St Andrew's on The Terrace, Wellington—Presbyterian - progressive, inclusive, reconciling congregation. City church at the liberal to radical end of the theological spectrum.

St Andrew's Trust for the Study of Religion & Society Booklets and CDs of lectures by local and guest speakers, including Sir Lloyd Geering, Jack Spong, Don Cupitt, Jim Veitch, Ian Harris, and many more.

St Matthew-in-the-city, Auckland—Progressive Anglican community.

St Ninians, Christchurch—Liberal/progressive Presbyterian.

TED: ideas worth spreading—TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. The annual conference now brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers...

UU in New Zealand and Australia

Worship web Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations