Responsive litany for Matariki

Matariki is a time to prepare, learn, share and celebrate.


We acknowledge our whanau

and remember those who have passed on from this world.

We share our resources;

We dream and set goals for the future.

And we celebrate who we are, and our life in this place—

this community, this beautiful homeland—Aotearoa;

this world, this universe.


In our liturgy of celebration,

We share a part of our lives, our hopes

a portion of our resources and gifts.

Some of us have brought photographs of our whanau and tipuna—our family and forebears.

We value families and caregivers of all sorts and shapes and sizes;

And we honour those who have gone before us

The stars in the skies, in our lives

Who shine on in us and in our descendents

Children of earth and sky.


We share our memories and stories—

and we receive a star to symbolise our dead.

Aroha mai, aroha atu

Love towards us, love going out from us.

Matariki is a time of thanks for the good harvest

an for sharing what we have for the good of all.

We all have times of needing help:

whether financial support, words of encouragement with a dream or project or relationship, the loan of a home or a car, professional counselling, or the open ear, or arms, of a friend

when the days are dark and the world feels like Te Kore, the Nothingness.

To those who have shared and supported and loved us back to the light

we give thanks, and thankfully, we share what we have with others.

Aroha mai, aroha atu

Love towards us, love going out from us.

At Matariki, we pause to stargaze

To dream our dreams

and plan our actions for a better world,

an earth transformed, made new.

We think of the things we can do

to make poverty history;

to care for our mother the earth, to savour and conserve her resources;

to invigorate and sustain this community of faith.

So we share our hopes and dreams,

by writing them down, or sharing them with our neighbour.

Aroha mai, aroha atu

Love towards us, love going out from us.

We celebrate our cultures and languages,

Our spirit and our people:


Nga tikanga, nga reo

Nga whenua, nga tangata.


Where we can right past wrongs

where we can support our nation’s leaders to act righteously on our behalf,

where we can make a difference, by our attitudes of openness to what we do not know,

where we can honour the history of our tangata whenua and our settler or immigrant forebears ,

where we can welcome newcomers: migrants and refugees, those who seek justice and freedom in a new country,

where we honour the aspirations of our young people

whose dreams & language, music & culture we don’t always understand,

where we can walk in others’ shoes and sharetheir load

let us give of our lives, our resources, and our hearts.

Aroha mai, aroha atu

Love towards us, love going out from us.