Thanks for visiting my web pages. Please let me know which items you enjoyed most, and why. If you use any of my writing for public 'worship' or in faith communities, I'd love to hear when and where - Bronwyn

Website 14. Mar, 2017

Ashley Leighton

There is seriously no match when it comes to your great site, full of information and trustworthy content. Respect from bottom of my heart.

14. Sep, 2014

Jenny Dawson

Hi Bronwyn,
Whar beautiful poetry! I look forward to using some of of your liturgical material too (maybe after I return to live in Pukerua Bay from November).

20. Apr, 2014

Pat Hall

Dear bronwyn; I have really appreciated your words. Thank you.

18. May, 2012

liz sullivan

I picked up your business card in a cafe in wellington. this is a nice site. i write resources for school so may be in touch sometime! may you continue to be blessed in your good work

23. Mar, 2011


Thank you for many sources nthe bibles and this wisdom around the word will many find life and purpose to live in joy and without sin and darkness in Jesus blood and in the Holy Spirit ,thanks and bless and joy with praying ,keijo sweden

9. May, 2010

Pat Jacobson

These few words were written in a Joy Cowley Workshop with the inspiration from a poem remembered from secondary school of The clouds being God's washing hung on the line.

Smell of clothes
satiness of soap
warmth of water
coloured pegs on line
movement of wind
cleansing light of sun
sunfilled clothes
creases flattened as iron moves
the change from soiled to clean
from desecrated to sacred.

Website 11. Sep, 2009

Bryan Winters

There are interesting little happenings going on around New Zealands religio/spiritual community as it morphs/welcomes/embraces whatever is coming. I'm also aware that inertia/resists/divides will always be with us, as will the poor.
I'm pleased to say this site falls into the former categories, and therefore perhaps, in a metaphoric sense also, it is a rich one.

15. Jun, 2009

Jeanette Brunton

I have just started going through the emails after about 17 days away. Your website is great! A wonderful resource. Congratulations.


25. May, 2009

Clare Brockett

Bronwyn - Your poems for being in a rest home and/or not feeling up to formal 'prayer' received a very warm response at my workshop. I would encourage you to write more in this area. Clare

Website 5. May, 2009

Clay Nelson

You have some lovely material on your site that I am pleased to know about and I would be delighted if you were to include a link to us in your progressive and inclusive organisations section.

8. Dec, 2008

Dorothy Harvey

Many thanks Bronwyn for the flow of creative worship material. I'm only sorry I didn't have the Advent material for the first two Sundays of Advent.
I will forward your site to another minister keen on liturgy.
Best wishes for the Christmas Season.