You who delight me

You who thrill me
to aspects of myself untried

You who enliven me
waking in me the forgotten things
the unborn things
the shadow things which unfurl and strive into light;

You who satisfy me

You who overwhelm me
transcending words
taking my breath away

You who entertain me
asking the foolish questions
wearing the foolish robes and silly hat
the mask and wig and jester’s shoes to match my own;
You who applaud when I prance and joke
play up to me and let me be unreal
matching me jape for jest
trading me tricks for tears;
You who entertain me as I play my threadbare games

You who transport me
from who I seem in the world of day-to-day
to who I am - unique in the universe and full of wonder

You whose star shines over this stable door
twinkling, wobbling, unstabling me
finding amongst this straw
some miracle
oiling these creaky hinges
chancing this splintering wood, these brittle barriers -
come in and welcome!

You who delight me
you who are my delight
you in whose passion the Christ-life is reborn

collages of original photographs © bronwyn angela white 2013

Text:  © Bronwyn Angela White (1998)—Wellington, New Zealand
This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License