Liturgy of the City: City of Transformation  - celebrating the sacred in the city and the city of God among us

Put on your glad rags and break the rules!
 - Ruth and the Widow at the temple - gleaning and giving - choosing a new god

Blessed be the work of our hands (Labour weekend) 
Psalm 90 - Living with all one's soul - Moses contemplates his life's work - Sabbath rest vs meaningful work - - the great commandments for our time

Take off your shoes !
- the place where you stand is holy - Nasrudin in the mosque - Moses and the unburnt bush - what is acceptable worship?

Reflective essay:
Faith - living "as if "
- some thoughts on faith and failure
Song of songs
- is the song of songs allegory or erotica?
 and Ghazal & Variations on the Song of Songs

Image of god - whose image, whose god? transcendence vs immanence - creation stories