signs of home

As we await, once more, the birth day celebration of the child who grew to be prophet/mystic/healer

who brought good news, who thoughtfully yet thoroughly broke the rules—social, political, religious—that bound the men and women of his time

who cared for the careless and the uncared for, who took time to see the sparrows fall, observe the lilies of the field, comfort a friend—

As we await this rebirth in our lives, these signs of home, so often we are restless:

as if the waiting takes too long, rushed, as if there was too much to do—the shopping, the cooking, the hasty wrapping of these birth day gifts—

too stressed, to see and to create the signs of home in our homes, in our workplaces, in our lives—these sprigs of green.

This Advent as we await the Christ-life breaking into our world in love, peace and justice, let us take time to hear the sparrow and the bellbird, observe the Christmas decoration
of red pohutakawa and golden gorse and tree fern’s green

to be still

in the joy of friends’ company, in sharing both celebration and mourning, in remembering happier and sadder times

As we await the gift of family, lovers, friends, the sacrament of food and wine served at our tables, shared over barbecues and year-end parties, let us think forward to the ending and beginning of the Christ-child’s life, to Easter and Resurrection, to the Calvaries and Galilees of our every day, and of our world

—and like the cousin-Baptist, let us prepare the way.

original photographs © bronwyn angela white

L - R: Slice of the Gardens (1) pastiche; Slice of Wellington (2) pastiche; Christmas Eve 2012


Text © Bronwyn Angela White (2004)—Wellington, New Zealand

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License