Mothering Spirit

loving and guiding

hugging and nagging

nudging us into our own realities


accepting us as we are

and as we can be


Parenting Spirit

Gaia and Guide

Cosmic parent



Move us on from comfort

push us into the light we crave

holding us safe

in the space between earth and sky

Mothering Spirit

mothering impulse

you are part of us—sometimes welcome

sometimes unacknowledged


so we pause in turn

to mother the creatures of the earth

all those—every one—

who needs care.


We hold our arms out

in spirit, in energy

embracing those who need to be held:

those who’ve been discarded and injured

through accident

natural disaster

violence national and domestic

We hold in our hearts

children slaved and traded

women objectified and sold

men objectified and exploited


We honour those who need arms around them

and in silence

we name those we hold close in our hearts this day…


Mothering Spirit

embrace us

inspire us

prompt us

to care for each other

and our selves

creatures of earth

of sea and sky


Atua, Spirit, Creator


we honour and own you

in ourselves and our actions

loving, accepting, parenting.