cosmic love - Jesus and people of many faiths

There is One Power which we call by many names—


Eternal Wisdom

—life force

—creative energy

—God, Goddess and Gaia

—Cosmic parent and Pentecostal flame


The Power that spins the universe into being

is manifest in our being: hearts, words, actions.


For this life, this energy, this wisdom – we give thanks.



We celebrate the gifts of other faiths and cultures:

parable and koan,

whakamatau and midrash,

paradox and pun:

for the Koran and the Torah

Vedic Scriptures[1] and Bhagwad Gita[2]

For Korero o Nehera[3]

We give thanks.


We give thanks for the stories of Jesus

of Hagar and Joshua and Eve

of Ruth and Peter and Hannah

Moses and Saul, Rahab and Beatrice

Jonathon and Martha


We give thanks for the story-tellers

The wise ones around the fires

The grandmothers perching us on their lap

The uncles or neighbours or school teachers

who read to us-

fables and poems and folklore,

bible stories and classical myths


For Maui and Tane

For the Dawn Maiden and the Sky Father

For Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables

We give thanks.



We turn our thoughts to others - beyond our personal concerns

to the world around us.


We take a few moments to think of people, groups or situations

for whom we have care and concern.


We hold in our hearts those who are suffering bereavement and loss

uncertainty or fear, illness or isolation.


Emboldened by heroines and anti-heroes of the past and present

we call on the creative life power of the universe,

on our resources, experiences, wisdom and intuition


to live our faith

to brave the present and risk the future

to heal the earth

and each other


to live that cosmic love shown in the life of Jesus

and the lives of women and men of all ages

all cultures and beliefs


so may it be.

[1] Indian scripture

[2] Holy Book of Hindus

[3] Maori Creation stories

Diwali, October 2012, Auckland © bronwyn angela white