Time and Again: Resurrection as a Way of Life

We pray in solidarity with the peoples of the world, and for our community.


We gather again beside the empty tomb.

We bring our spices and ointments, rosemary, basil, aloe, myrrh

to tend with love the end of our hopes,

to lay to rest the brief bright promise of a different way.


We expect so little.

Life has taught us to be realistic;

religions have told us to be meek and grateful and prepared—glad, even—to suffer

to give ourselves away

to be redeemed through pain and loss.


We gather at the empty tomb once more

and we learn the lesson, again:

t hat from the emptiness, the absence, can come a miracle;

that even in our confusion and disbelief,
hope can rise again and lead the way.


We learn again that the abundance of the universe
is spread out before us.

In our brokenness, in our wholeness,
in our joyous times and in despair

and all we need to do is take, eat and drink,

is ask and we’ll receive

that we deserve—everything, all that there is:

all God is, all we are and all we can be.


With courage in our hearts once more, with renewed energy,

we walk in solidarity with the peoples of the earth

chanting freedom; making peace.



Once more beside the empty tomb

in the garden where hope is blossoming

and the tree of life bears fruits of healing,

once more, when least expected,

we find that we who expect so little are worth so very much.


Resurrected again from fear to daring

from cynicism to engagement

from the dull safety of the past to the exhilaration of a bright future


We are Easter People, embodying the risen Christ,

and the abundance of the table is ours

as we share it and heal each other.



PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE—St Andrew’s on The Terrace, Wellington

Date: Sunday 8 April 2012  Service theme: Time and Again: Resurrection as a Way of Life

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 New Zealand License