you who delight me

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Format: Soft Cover, A5, 66 Pages ISBN: 978-1-877577-65-9 Published by Steele Roberts Publishers, Wellington, New Zealand

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YOU WHO DELIGHT ME Poems of love & Words of spirit and faith “In this rapidly changing world where the century-old liturgies have become tired and lifeless, Bronwyn has used her poetical skill for the creation of new expressions of thanksgiving and spiritual nurture that are inspiringly fresh." - Emeritus Professor the Rev Sir Lloyd Geering

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09.06 | 13:24

Thanks for your comment, George, and welcome to my website. May I add you to recipients of very occasional update emails?
Regards, Bronwyn

09.06 | 09:07

Glad to have just discovered and eager to explore this promising page through the Beyond Borders advertising

09.06 | 09:04

I cut my theological teeth on Bultmann but if he means by these words what I think he means, that meaning sets my toughened teeth on edge.

15.04 | 12:58

Hi Alistair, you're welcome to adapt the words to fit your occasion, scansion or other tune! Thanks for "liking".

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